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Daily Bull 8.19.13

Brendan Maloney-US PRESSWIRE

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Open scrimmage report. Get your fix here, with OrionHjarvis' impressions from Saturday. Biggest thing to take away from it all is ONLY TWELVE MORE DAYS UNTIL REAL FOOTBALL.

#6 in the Top 25. Offensive lines, that is. Athlon ranks the best bigs in the country and look at all that crazy sliding our guys are doing what is this baseball!?!?

And Cedric Ogbuehi will slide from guard to right tackle to replace Matthews. The guard spots will be manned by Jarvis Harrison and Germain Ifedi, while Mike Matthews – brother of left tackle Jake Matthews – will slide into the center spot.

Because it's still the off-season, by God. Someone over at Team Speed Kills made up customized conferences for 76 teams. With tables. All I did yesterday was clean the garage like a chump.

Coming up later this morning: another one of our beloved hypotheticals. Because there's still two good weeks of off-season to kill.