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Daily Bull 8.15.13

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Cards only, please. The Athletic Department is limiting the items that players and coaches can sign at this Saturday's open practice/scrimmage to cards that they are issuing. Florida has been using a very similar policy for the past 15 years, at least.

1%er. NFL Analyst Gil Brandt has Jake Matthews as his #1 senior to watch in 2013 in his Top 100 list. WE NEED TO SEE MORE #75 JERSEYS IN THE STANDS, FOLKS. (For the kids, of course.)

Not a bad idea, Rice. Head Coach David Bailiff's plan for practicing to contain Manziel:

One day he plans to bring chickens to practice.

Another day he’ll bring jackrabbits.

“Whoever catches one starts,” Bailiff said as the Owls began fall camp.

Don't forget to watch cuppycup's latest gif involving practice field security.