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Another Manziel ESPN Article. Another Blah Blah Blah

Groundhog Day anyone?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Hey everyone, look! It's an ESPN article about Johnny Manziel signing autographs!

The latest article from Rovell is pretty pointless. He uses another autograph broker to drive home the point that Manziel has signed a lot of stuff (old news). We all saw this coming. More Manziel news is an absolute click-generator for Rovell and he is doing his best to slow drip this story without really doing anything new. That's truly all this is now. A click generator. Oh, Rovell and his impeccable sources. He also points out that the broker involved with Schad's video story said they paid Manziel $7,500 but didn't see him take any money. Read that again. That makes absolutely no sense.

I'm not going to link to the article because I would lose sleep at night knowing I wasted more of your time.

None of the sources has told "Outside the Lines" that they saw Manziel take money. -Yawn

The summary of this latest masterpiece is that Rovell and Gubar have completely ditched their efforts to prove Manziel accepted money for autographs and backtrack on reporting an investigation. I mean, they have completely aborted that mission. The only mentions of it are their previous failed attempts to prove it happened. Now, they are focusing their pointless efforts in proving that the sheer abundance of autographs proves that Manziel knew they were going to be sold. So we'll just save Rovell, Gubar, Schad, you, and everyone else a lot of time. Here's your official NCAA investigation:

NCAA: "Hey amateur athlete that we make millions from, are you signing a lot of stuff?"

Athlete: "Yup"

NCAA: "Do you know they are selling those autographs for money?"

Athlete: "Nope"

NCAA: "Welp, good luck this season. We appreciate your contributions to our bottom line."