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Aggie Football Controversy and 90s Music

A lighthearted effort to talk about current events in Aggie Football through the lens of 90s music.


I grew up in the 90s. That is to say that I was born in 1980, but I became pop culture self-aware right around 1992 or so. So for this recap of where we've been , I've decided to combine two of my loves...90s music (with some from the early 00s) and Aggie Football.

It's been one week since all of this started. Two reporters, Darren Rovell and Joe Schad pulled together a group of misfit informers and decided to connect a few dots that, in the grand scheme of things, were not able to be connected. Supposedly Johnny had a secret, and he'd been taking money for his autograph. After first hearing this news, I was a bit of a basket case. The thought of Johnny not playing this year was a bit unbelievable, and it made me question a lot of things about my fandomEvery morning I'd wake up and cringe, wondering what new new news going to be out that day. I didnt want to read the headlines, but I needed to know what information was out there.

There were ethical considerations here...if Johnny did it, would I be ok with him playing? Because let's be honest, as good as Kenny Hill and Matt Davis are, nothing compares to Johnny's ability to lead our offense down the field. Nothing. And perhaps all of this would expedite Johnny's departure to the pros...but as far as I'm concerned the NFL can back off because Johnny is ours and only ours.

I started wondering if this was a conspiracy theory and whether folks were trying to sabotage our year. I wondered if this was a joint effort by the college football elites letting us know that we were not welcome on the national stage. My tin foil hat went on and I asked myself...who started this? Was it Alabama? Was it Texas? Was it some random school like Tennessee?

But then I got angry. My reaction to possible NCAA sanctions and ESPN's tactics lyrics went from defensive to combative. If they had no proof why on earth should we even bother considering what they think? Folks like Paul Finebaum can talk all they want, but unless they a have proof, this story is gone.

The pivotal day was Thursday. I had the feeling that ESPN wouldn't release anything new on a Friday, so if we got to Thursday at 5 PM, then we might be in the clear. Lo and behold we woke up on Friday and all was good.

So if the status quo remains, we should be out of the woods. And all we'll need to worry about is Taylor Bertolet's kicking motion...and I'm sure he's asking himself the same question we are. But either way, right now all that matters is that on August 31, ready or not Johnny's gonna bring the rain.

B.T.H.O. rice