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Daily Bull 8.12.13

It's a FanPost kind of day today.

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Happy Monday, everybody.

You may have noticed a surge in FanPosts last week. Lots of these were because of the t-shirt giveaway (because...FREE T-SHIRT), but it was still great to see so many quality pieces from everybody. Here are some of the more popular ones from the past week:

Should Johnny Have Stayed with Football or Chosen Another Route? by fletcher.massie. This was the clear-cut contest winner. Great piece with great pictures.

Top 20 Reasons I'm Ready for College Football by Shooter Flatch. These lists are always a lot of fun in the off-season.

Because Johnny is more than Football by Decade Plan. This is a really insightful piece that takes a deeper look into the implications and possible outcomes of all the events going on in Manziel's life right now.

SECond Chance At A First Impression by Hypno-Toad. Mr. Toad is a FanPosting guru, and this is his latest masterpiece.

Ethical and Stretegic Considerations for Counsel for Johnny Manziel by jmlittle. A pretty focused look at what has happened so far from a legal point of view. This one has generated quite a bit of discussion and was placed on the main SB Nation College Football page for a while.

And of course there's always good stuff in the FanPosts area from your authors as well. We'll often just write one of them instead of a regular article if we have a lot planned for the main layout and something off-the-wall comes to us. rcb05, stringsays and thacktor all have some recent ones worth checking out. You've heard us over and over on the Johnny autograph saga for the past week, now we'd like to hear from you. Getting there is easy: you can either click on the FanPost link on the main banner at the top of any page just to the right of the logo, or you can use the FanPosts header on the right side of the front page that has the most recent ones listed under it (or use the "post your own" link there at the bottom.) Then you just say your piece, add in any pictures or formatting you want, and publish.

Looking forward to hearing more from everyone!