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Weekend Bull 8.10.13

Three more weeks, folks.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

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I'm filling in for cuppycup...on my normal feature. It's weird, but August is the weirdest of months. Let's roll with it, I guess.

YESSIR. If the design looks familiar to you, it's because it used to be our Facebook banner. Before that, it was a single tangible banner, held up in turns by cuppycup, Lucas Jackson, and myself at the Florida edition of College Gameday last year (along with the Hate Barn one that got on TV). And that was just our second week of existence as a blog. GBH's future is wide open, folks.

Sumlin's OK. Look, I know it's BR, but this one doesn't even have a slideshow. Besides, the author is a self-proclaimed doctor so it can't all be wrong, right? RIGHT?? (Don't answer that.)

FanPostin'. Many thanks to all the folks who jumped in and made some outstanding FanPosts this week for the contest. fletcher.massie won this round with his excellent "what if" scenario regarding Johnny and animal rescue, and we'll be doing it again soon, but by no means should you stop. We love them and that's one of the great features we have that we like to see everyone use.

Interesting. Why not go after the NFL rules, while we're at it? TIME takes a look at how deep the implications of the resolution of Johnny's situation might actually go.

Have a great weekend, everybody. We're one step closer to football and normalcy.