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Podcast #77 - 2013 Georgia Bulldog Preview

We broke down the national title contender Georgia Bulldogs in the latest edition of our 2013 SEC Preview.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

We are so close to the end of our 2013 SEC Preview, which can only mean one thing. MOTHER OF GOD IT'S AUGUST WHICH MEANS IT'S FOOTBALL MONTH!

This week's 2013 SEC preview focuses on the Georgia Bulldogs. This team is stacked on offense and they should be a lot of fun to watch this season. We were joined by @Ludakit from to talk about breakout players to watch for, what to expect from their stud RB duo, and what Georgia fans think of A&M one year after being welcomed into the greatest fraternity of all time. Kit was a great interview, and I highly suggest giving him and the guys at @DawgSports a follow.

We wrapped up the show by giving our brief (yeah right, we are never brief) reactions to Wright Thompson's Manziel article. I'm sure you've read the Doctor's article where he interviewed Wright, but stick around for the end of the podcast to hear the audio of that interview that didn't make the article. Spoiler: It will want to make you really want to drink a beer with Mr. Wright Thompson.

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