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Daily Bull 8.1.13: IT'S AUGUST.

That felt so good to type: the number 8. That means we are playing a football game this month.

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August wake-up call. Our very own DerekAggie06 joins a Chicago-based college football podcast to talk--what else? A quarterback named Johnny. Worth a listen: these guys have actually been paying attention, it seems. Great shout-out to Polo at the end, too.

A Light in August. Last year we seemed to have established a Faulknerian literary duel with the Ole Miss guys. I am hoping to carry it forward this year since it produced a great response from Red Cup Rebellion. They have agreed to renew this exchange once again.

August-us McCrae. Hero.

August and Everything After. There is nothing of substance in this paragraph because the Counting Crows are overrated '90s nostalgia. You should feel bad for hoping to see a Counting Crows reference here.

Mid-August Lunch. I have neither seen nor heard of this movie before, but in my desperation to complete an August-themed Daily I stumbled upon this summary, which I deemed appropriately similar to what our football off-seasons seem like:

Gianni is a middle-aged man living in Rome with his imposing and demanding elderly mother. His only outlet from her and the increasing debt into which they are sinking, are the increasingly frequent quiet sessions at the local tavern. As an Oriental saying goes, 'Moments of crisis are moments of opportunities'. These appear during the celebration of the holiday of Ferragosto on 15 August. That's when everybody leaves town to have fun. Opportunity knocks on Gianni's door in the most unexpected way,

Let's keep Augusting for one more month, and Rice will be here before we know it. Don't forget to check out our big piece on renowned sports photographer Andrew Hancock '02 that's coming out soon.