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Aggie Mount Rushmore: Westgate Region Round 2

We're halfway through Round 2 of the bracket. This thing is about to get out of control.

Here's a quick recap of what happened in the 2nd round of the Eastgate Region voting. John David Crow cruised past Shelby Metcalf with very little resistance. Jackie Sherrill edged out Lyle Lovett 2:1. Bucky Richardson just demolished our friends over at Dude Perfect. Dat Nguyen smashed Sarah votes, Dat had more votes, smashed, oh whatever.

I can't wait to see how the voting finished up in the Westgate Region. The original 12th Man is going to be tough to beat, but there are some Aggie legends that can definitely pull the upset in this region. Before we get to the voting, I hate the matchup between Sydney Colson and Acie Law. Those are two of my all-time favorite Aggies (and Sydney is my future wife, just neither her nor my wife know about that), so I hate that one of them is going to get cut in this round. Another awesome matchup is Norman Borlaug versus Gene Stallings. #PopcornReady

You can view the latest bracket up to this point here.

1. E. King Gill vs. 8. Homer Norton

5. Norman Borlaug (Take the time to watch this 10 min video) vs. 13. Gene Stallings

3. Robert Gates vs. 6. Danielle Adams

2. Acie Law IV vs. 7. Sydney Colson

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