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Aggie Fashion: Mad Men Inspired Vintage

When cuppycup told me he joined Pinterest, I thought it would be fun to put together some cute Aggie outfits (after I thought about marriage counseling). I published a few sets on the "Texas Aggie Women's Fashion" board and will post them here from time to time.

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Vintage Aggie

Fresh off the season finale of AMC's Mad Men, I decided to put together an outfit in the spirit of the show with an Aggie twist. The layered vintage bell skirt ($40, Aggieland Outfitters) is perfect for warm weather and the pleated look is versatile for a day at the office or a night out on Northgate. I don't normally wear sleeveless blouses, but this Peridot London cotton top ($215, is too cute with the bow and pointed collar. Try to mix and match the skirt with other styles and colors on top.

Pinning a classic brooch to the blouse (like Mad Men's Joan Harris) adds a stylish accent. The maroon ribbon ($14, Pier1) is a nod to the Aggie tradition of pinning a mum on your date to the football game. I went overboard with these gold Chanel earrings ($1,205, but any vintage pair in gold will work. I'm in love with this leather watch ($40, American Apparel). The oversized numbers and gold face add to the classic look. Gold tones are found in all of the accessories including a FOSSIL bag ($78, Nordstrom) with an adjustable strap. A white or gold clutch will also look great.

The open toe sandals with buckle ($57, are ideal for summertime but you can also dress the outfit up with heels. Perfectly round sunglasses ($530, Linda Farrow) are an extra touch of retro if you wear this outfit during the day. You can always opt for a more reasonably priced pair, but I encourage the bulky frame style. Finish everything off with your favorite matching lipstick ($30, Barneys).

Share your ideas and modifications in the comments section below!