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Daily Bull 7.5.13

Happy Friday, all. Hope your holiday was safe and fun. Let's power through to the weekend.

Hulaballoo #2. If you enjoyed our staff collaboration piece last week, check back later this morning for the second installment as we speculate, reminisce, and otherwise occupy ourselves until football season starts.

Vote, if you wish. Because it's Friday. And because this gentleman doesn't think Manziel is the best QB in college football:



(Speaking of voting, there's still the matter of Aggie Mt. Rushmore to be decided if you haven't stopped by yet.)

Respect for the big guys. Athlon evaluates the offensive lines of the SEC, and we come in second behind only Tennessee. The Vols' O-Line has something like 800 combined starts because when you have a Lane Kiffin and then transition to a Derek Dooley you somehow have high school juniors starting at guard when they make their first recruiting visit. The staff just never lets them go back home. Just kidding. That would be an NCAA violation, maybe.

Your Friday gif. Here is Dat Nguyen returning a fumble for a touchdown against Oklahoma. Have a great weekend. Dat-nguyen-o_medium