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The Daily Bull 7.4.13

Happy Independence Day


It's the 4th of July. Here's a toast to you, Mr. Freek.


UPDATE: Here's the latest update to the Tweetcounter. Special kudos to Sue, who exhibited a true GBH sense of humor in the comments. That's what we're all about.

THE OPENING: get your complete coverage all gathered together in one spot courtesy of cuppycup right here. SB Nation's got some great recruiting videos coming out of the event.

WELL THIS SHOULD SURPRISE NO ONE. My latest accidental trip over to the DMN website yesterday revealed that they were willingly linking to Rant Sports, an entity that has blatantly ripped off our very own Managing Editor, Spencer Hall. I can't believe that newspapers are going out of business, y'all. What will all those reporters journalists people do when they can't get paid to recycle original material from the internet all day long? [LOOKING AT YOU, WALL STREET JOURNAL]

A NOTE ON SHARKING, cont'd from yesterday: if you have chosen to stay in today, you may find yourself presented with the opportunity to watch "Jaws: The Revenge." Do not do this. The sheer mystic nature of being afforded the opportunity to see Mario Van Peebles share the screen with Sir Michael Caine may compel you to consider it, but DO NOT. It is by far the worst of the Jaws franchises; an overdone, bloated sack of bad dialog and predictability. And somehow the shark looks less intimidating than his obviously robotic cousin from the original twelve years earlier. It makes the previous sequel starring Dennis Quaid and Lou Gossett, Jr. seem positively thrilling, and that one relied completely on 3D for entertainment value.

Be safe out there, all you travelers. And if you're one of those suckers who has to work tomorrow, I'll be right back there with you. If you're employing fireworks in your festivities, remember to follow these helpful guidelines. Happy Birthday, America. Here's a President riding a moose across a river: