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Daily Bull 7.31.13

Sometimes things just spin out of control. Very little in life is certain, but events like yesterday's remind us that life is short. So today the Daily Bull is keeping it simple and giving some advice on how to hold it together.


TAKE TIME TO GRIEVE. Early yesterday morning, Texas A&M defensive lineman Polo Mainkainiu died from injuries sustained in an auto accident. Yesterday, we decided against running The Daily Bull opting for a tribute to Polo instead. We are back in business today, but with heavy hearts. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Polo's family, friends, and his teammates.

KNOW THAT CONTROL IS AN ILLUSION. Just ask ESPN Senior Writer Wright Thompson, whose excellently written article for ESPN the Magazine attempted to humanize Heisman Winner Johnny Manziel, but was spun in a different direction immediately by his own publisher to the point where he had to apologize for their actions.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Apologies to <a href="">@JManziel2</a> and his folks for quotes on the ticker ... i know they appear w/o context. For full story: <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Wright Thompson (@wrightthompson) <a href="">July 30, 2013</a></blockquote>

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SO FIND SOME PERSPECTIVE. That's what we need in these crazy times we live in. GBH Editor-in-Chief Dr. Norris Camacho talked with Wright shortly after the author appeared on ESPN yesterday morning. Mr. Thompson's comments to the good Doctor were further proof that his article was not an attempt to smear Manziel or his family. He was quite candid as well, deploring the actions of would be cameramen at frat parties and wondering why in the hell College Station doesn't have a Waffle House yet. As we came to find out, neither does Oxford! Wright wants Chipotle as well. So lets make a deal, Mr. Thompson. We will promote #Chiptole4Rebels if you assist us in our ongoing struggle for #Waffles4Ags.

REMEMBER THE PAST. Rusty Burson wrote a great piece for the 12th Man Foundation on saying farewell to the "Holler House On The Brazos", G. Rollie White Colosseum. The memories are so thick. I once saw Tony Barone almost strip naked there during a loss to Texas.

BUT BE CAREFUL WHO YOU LISTEN TO. There are all types of people out there, who will fill your head with nonsense if you let them. You can seek out informed, educated, soothsayers like us by reading this week's Hullabaloo, where set forth our predictions for the SEC; or you can read Fortune Magazine's estimates of how much money Johnny loses when he goes to fraternity parties. This article is chock full of excellent information and comparisons to Buffalo Bills quarterback "E.J. Manual" , erstwhile hopeless romantic Manti T'eo, and the misunderstood Ryan Leaf. He even attempts to rechristen Manziel as "Johnny Dare"...yes the air quotes are included.

AND KEEP THE FAITH BECAUSE GOOD THINGS HAPPEN. For example, a Texas A&M athlete will grace a Sports Illustrated cover for the first time since Bubba Bean helped the Ags defeat Texas back in 1975. Andy Staples wrote the cover story, and provides some perspective of his own on Johnny and how the article came to be. The cover photo was taken by professional photographer and Aggie, Andrew Hancock. Andy invited us to the shoot, so be on the lookout for a behind the scenes look from Good Bull Hunting at the how the shots were taken, and the life of a professional photographer and a rising star in the photography world.

Have a good one today, Aggies. And when that camel is walking around the office asking what day it is, tell him it is Wednesday; because screw you Geico, my rates just went up by $30. I'm calling Flo.