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Aggie Mount Rushmore: Eastgate Region Round 2

We're getting closer to finalizing the finest piece of stone, or styrofoam, anyone has ever seen.

So that Johnny character hasn't tweeted anything in a few days. Naturally, that means we have time to get back to the hard hitting news of deciding who should grace the Aggie Mount Rushmore. The Northgate second round ended up with Johnny Manziel, John Kimbrough, Kevin Sumlin, and RC Slocum surviving the cut. The Eastgate region is interesting with one clear leader in past voting, and then a group of names that are all capable of pulling a big upset and seeing their likeness chiseled for all of enternity.

You can check out the latest bracket here.

1. John David Crow vs. 9. Shelby Metcalf

5. Lyle Lovett vs. 4. Jackie Sherrill

6. Dude Perfect vs. 3. Bucky Richardson

7. Sarah Savage vs. 2. Dat Nguyen

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