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Johnny Twitter: Please Never Leave Again

Johnny went on a nice little jog through Twitterland today.

You troll Johnny. Johnny will troll you.
You troll Johnny. Johnny will troll you.
Ronald Martinez

I'll be the first to admit that I was disappointed to see Johnny Manziel walk away from Twitter for so long. The "Days since Johnny tweeted" counter we ran on our Facebook page nearly brought tears to my eyes. I love Johnny on Twitter. Thankfully, there's no shortage of derp out there on the internet who feel like they can read Johnny's mind and know what he meant. There's an equal number of derp out there that also thinks they have an annointed role as Savior and Mentor for Johnny. I'm almost glad they exist. Without them, I wouldn't be able to sit back and laugh at them this afternoon.

Remember the days when sports reporters understood that sports were actually about the players and the game on the field? Me neither. I long for the days when sports writers can put aside their self-righteous dingleberry attitudes and step away from the keyboard before hitting send. Oh the irony in that concept.

So the good news is that after a successful weekend of bro-ing, Johnny Twitter came back this afternoon to send a few goobers a tasteful little reminder that, well, that he's better than them at life. I love that the Aggie QB, who just won the award for best player in the nation as a Freshman, isn't afraid to remind people that Johnny's life > their life.

Oh, and this one is fun too: Johnny to Finebaum

Oh and if you aren't following Freshman D-Lineman Jay Arnold, you should be.