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Weekend Bull 7.27.13

Aaron M. Sprecher

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Free Von. An NFL source told the Denver Post that Von Miller's suspension did not result from a failed drug test. There are a number of other ways a player in the NFL's intervention program can receive a suspension (e.g. missing meetings). This may be a good sign that Miller can reduce his suspension during appeal.

GBH This Week. Go predict the Aggies' record in 2013. Most people taking our poll have A&M at 11-1 or 12-0. LET THE KOOL-AID FLOW. Check out two fantastic podcasts from this week: discussing the speed of the college game with Dave Bartoo and interviewing Jason Cook. We also have the projected Depth Chart for 2013 and the Official Aggie Media Guide for 2013. Finally, we imagined a world where John David Crow was getting in hot water over social media in the 1950s.

Sumlin in the 'Tine. A University of Texas graduate (t-sip to you) attempted to ask a question to Coach Sumlin at Houston Coaches' Night and got shut down. According to, Sumlin said "Next question," and moved on. Aggieland Outfitters noted on Twitter that the woman continued to ask her question and Sumlin said, "You think I'm kidding."

Tucker Tuberville. reports that ex-Auburn (and everywhere else) coach Tommy Tuberville has a son walking on as a QB for the Tigers. Tucker walked on at Texas Tech while Tubs was there then transferred to Cincinnati when his dad made the move. Now he's at Auburn. If he ever sees the field, Auburn's going to have a bad time.

SEC Frenzy. Saturday Down South writes that fan engagement is at an all-time high this season in the SEC. With six title contenders and other important storylines like new head coaches for non-contenders, fans are growing rabid. The only teams who are kind of ho hum heading into the season are Mississippi State and Mizzou.