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Hullabaloo #5: Predict Texas A&M Football's Record in 2013

Attention all sunshine pumpers and potbangers! The time has come to predict the 2013 season record for the Aggies. Make your claim in the comments section and vote in the poll. Come back in January to be ridiculed.

Scott Halleran

What will be Texas A&M Football's Regular Season Record in 2013?



stringsays: Warning…I’m a bit hyped up writing this.

Before this summer I had myself convinced that we’d drop two this year…one to LSU and another to either vandy or ole miss (one of those head scratcher games).

But after this summer, and after all the shit that folks have talked not only about our QB, but also our coach…I’ve changed my tune. We’re going to win every single fucking game on our schedule. Plain and simple. The combination of a talented team and a "fuck the world" attitude is a dangerous thing. And that’s what we have right now.

The only concern I have is the defense, but Mark Snyder has proven to be an evil genius schematically. Someone is going to come out of the blue this year and have an all-star year.

Maybe I’m setting myself up for disappointment, but I don’t care. The theme for this year is "Embrace the Hate" (hashtagged: #EmbraceTheHate). This is our year. OUR YEAR.



OrionHJarvis: We get Alabama too early in the season before our defense can get it together with all the new guys. We survive a couple of scares and beat up on a young LSU squad on our way to The Allstate Sugar Bowl versus a BCS at-large; I'm going to say the Stanford Cardinal... who we smoke.


rcb05: I'm torn between two predictions, and I was going to be the good, semi-unbiased blogger and go with the more conservative prediction. But screw that. This is the most anticipated Aggie football season in at least 20 years, it's not the time to be conservative. So I'm gonna say that the Ags finish the season 11-1, with that one loss coming to, you guessed it, Alabama.

Look, I want to win that game as badly as you guys, and I'll go nuts if we do win. But beating Bama two years in a row is a lot to ask. It's early in the year, and we'll have several underclassmen on the field but still learning their role. I think we'll come up just short.

That said, I think we really get in gear in the second half of the season and steamroll the rest of our schedule, including a convincing win in Death Valley November 23. That 11-1 record won't get us to the SEC Championship game, but it will be good enough to get us into our first BCS Bowl in 15 years. I'm predicting we're in the Fiesta Bowl against Oregon, in what many will bill as the greatest offensive showcase of the BCS era.


SpreadsheetAg: I honestly think the Ags will go 12-2 this year. Dropping one head-scratcher, Losing int he SEC Championship game, and winning their bowl game.

W v Rice - Easy Win against the experienced Owls at Kyle

W v SHSU - Tuneup for Alabama-hype week

W v Bama - JFF & Sumlin get Saban's goat (again) and the Snyder-led defense shames McCarron

W v SMU - Recovery week; like drinking a beer for breakfast after a night you can't remember

W @ Arky - first road trip, but Bielema isn't doing much in year one (is this hypocritical coming from an Aggie after 2012?)

L @ OleMiss - the stranger; the big WTF moment for the Aggies

W v Auburn - Auburn will improve under Malzahn, 4 wins is better than 3 (from 2012), amiright?

W v Vandy - The Baylor of the SEC; it will be like playing the Baylor of the 2000's

W v UTEP - Hello Jameill Showers, nice to see you again, good luck with the rest of your schedule.

W v MSU - I predict Hail State fans will talk big and show little again this season

W @ LSU - a tough road win, but the Aggies should be firing and I just am not feeling LSU this year with all those losses

W @ Mizzou - Goodbye Gary Pinkel, I think another lackluster sputter into the SEC will doom his career at Mizzou


Dammit Tostitos Fiesta Bowl vs t.u. - Ags beat the ever-living, ever-loving HELL out of the teasips 52-6



ColoradoAg: I don't think we beat Alabama and I think Ole Miss is a huge threat. We just don't have the horses right now on defense. I think we go 10-2 (thanks eight Hate Barn games!)

dr. norris camacho

Dr. Norris Camacho: Regular season: 10-2 again. I could see us losing 2 out of 3 among Alabama, Ole Miss, and LSU. Alabama wins the SEC and the winner of the East has 3 losses, so we get the Sugar Bowl invite. We beat Clemson to finish 11-2 again, but this time with a BCS victory and also one of these scenarios:

a) two straight wins over Alabama

b) two straight road wins against Ole Miss, the hottest recruiting team in the SEC

c) road win against LSU

I don't think I could be disappointed in that.


jzimmermann11: I'll go with 10-2, with losses to Alabama and at LSU. As much as I want to say we win at home on September 14th, I just think Alabama is going to be out for blood after last year's game. And for some reason I have a bad feeling about that game in Baton Rouge, especially if it ends up at night. If we do manage to beat Alabama, though, I think we run the table. Oh, and everyone wants to throw out Ole Miss as the trap game, and I get that, but if it wasn't for what seemed like 30 turnovers in that game last year we'd have won comfortably. I know Ole Miss has a great recruiting class, but ours is pretty salty too and we're a better team now than we were going into that game last year.


oscarwildecat: I want to predict 14-0. I want to bask in the glory of an SEC championship by being unceremoniously thrown out of an Atlanta Waffle House at 4am. I want my BAC to be reason enough not to let me into Bob Hope Airport in Burbank.

But alas.

As much as I love this team, as much as I love this coaching staff, and as much as I love our crazed, Jordan-level-hypercompetitive quarterback, I fear we're just thin enough on defense, and just young enough in a few spots, that an undefeated season remains a hair outside of A&M's grasp.

Put me down officially for this: a close loss against Alabama sends the team into a hangover from which a loss to Ole Miss on the road is the result. However, we turn it around, march into Baton Rouge, (metaphorically) teabag Mike the Tiger and end the year as one of the hottest 10-2 teams in the country, and then carry that momentum into the Capital One bowl, where poor Brady Hoke can only look on sadly as his Wolverines fall, 52-13.

11-2. So let it be written, so let it be done.



cuppycup: I ran the 2013 schedule through my BAS-o-matic and came up with 8-4. This felt dirty, so I upped my prediction to 9-3. As a disclaimer, I'll remind you that I predicted a loss to Arkansas during game week last season. Maybe I just need to get a dog. I really don't own a dog. This is a fact. Our front seven on defense is a big question mark, so I'll blame them for my BAS this year. I will not blame them to their faces however.

I predict that our losses will be to Alabama, LSU, and some shitty team (possibly Ole Miss). If it's even possible with this record, I'll put the Ags in the Chick-fil-A bowl because I think GBH can get credentials for that one. We'll destroy an ACC team, let's say N.C. State.