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Daily Bull 7.26.13

Ronald Martinez

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A sad note. It looks like Ryan Swope will be retiring early from the NFL. Nagging concussion issues have caused the Cardinals to put him on the reserved/retired list, which pretty much means his career is over. Better safe than sorry, though. We all hope the very best for Ryan as he decides what to do next, and of course no one will ever forget the impact he had on this football program as the all-time record-holder in multiple categories. Gig 'em, Ryan.

In case you missed it. Our very own DerekAggie06 sat down and spoke with A&M Brandmaster Jason Cook on yesterday's podcast. If you listen closely, you'll hear the sound of Mr. Cook sprinkling the conversation with Good Bull Hunting author names. Good Bull, Jason. And don't believe a word he says about the target audience for the Yell Leader Ken Dolls.

AgLibs? AgLibs. Fill yours out now. This feature's going places, folks.

Wide receivers. Everywhere. Put one at kicker and fake every extra point. We've got the best, so let's use 'em, right? Saturday Down South talks about how all six of our WR signees will probably see action this fall. Who does that with Mike Evans, a sophomore Biletnikoff candidate returning, you ask? The same guy who decided to do this, that's who. By the way, this also counts as your Friday .gif because it's the last week of July and the off-season is absolutely oppressive: