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Podcast #76 - CFBMatrix talk and Mizzou Preview

We chatted with Dave Bartoo from, previewed the Mizzou Tigers, and talked about concussions.


Let me start this off by saying the Ryan Swope news still makes me feel sick. As a coach, as a teammate, as a fan, and as an Aggie. Ryan Swope is the epitome of the type of person and athlete you want on your team. We're all pulling for Ryan and wishing him the best in whatever his future may hold.

On the second podcast this week, we had the chance to talk with Dave Bartoo from about his recent work breaking down the speed of play in college football and how it relates to injuries. Bartoo's (yeah, we're cool like that) work is really interesting stuff coming off the heels of complaints from Nick Saban and Bret Bielema bitching and moaning about hurry up offenses. The numbers will definitely surprise you. After the podcast, head over and check out Part 1 and Part 2 of Bartoo's breakdown.

We wrapped up the podcast by taking a look at what Missouri fans can expect in 2013. Bottom line, they'll have a better record, but not better to the point where poppin' bottles is necessary. "Old Man" football didn't treat the Tigers well in the SEC East last year, and the old men are only better this coming season.

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