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Daily Bull 7.25.13

WHOA we get college football FIVE WEEKS from today!

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COACH 'EM UP AND GET 'EM TO THE LEAGUE. There are 35 Ags on NFL rosters. A nice number, to be sure. I expect this number to grow considerably in the years to come. Best of luck to the Ags fighting for a roster spot.

OUR NEW FAMILY IS PILING ON OUR OLD BROTHERS. is kind of famous for some nice troll jobs and they exposed some of Mack Brown's double-speak yesterday. Today, some feller named Dwight who writes for the Ocala Star Banner continued the schoolyard mess talk on Texas and the Big 12. Thanks, southeastern journos!

PREDICTING THE SEC WEST - WITH BEWBS, BROS! MAYBE! I don't worship at the feet of Clay Travis like most Ags. He loves himself, telling you about his hot wife, and that he is a lawyer. Basically the last person you want to sit by at an airport bar. Anyway, this is kind of an interesting way to predict the league. The Ole Miss roadie has me worried this year.

QUARTERBACK STUFF. Johnny needs keys to more than a Mercedes. Lindy's shares the Three Keys to Johnny's season. The first two keys are pretty cliched and bad. Also, the good ol Stewart Mandel has a mailbag and talks about A&M's quarterback.

That's it for me, gang. Be sure to catch up on all the GBH content from this week including a podcast with Jason Cook, interesting artwork, and roster breakdowns. Make it a great day. Here's fellow Ag and friend of GBH - Lyle Lovett. Gig 'em.