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Podcast #75 - Catching up with Jason Cook

Sr. Associate Athletic Director Jason Cook joins the podcast for an anything goes discussion about the latest happenings in Aggie Athletics.

Scott Halleran

Texas A&M Senior Associate Athletic Director (say that 10 times fast) Jason Cook took some time from his evening to chat about all that surrounds Aggie Athletics. Between all of the success the teams are having, a returning Heisman winner, and the biggest college stadium project ever on his plate, you'd be playing the safe bet if you assume Mr. Cook is a busy man. I asked Jason about all of the hard-hitting things we know you guys are interested in... Check out the podcast below to hear about our Adidas contract, bevels, Waffle Houses, what an Aggie smells like, Ken dolls, the 12th Man trademark, and basically anything else you can find an Aggie arguing about on message boards and social media. Again, big thanks to Jason (yes, we all want your job).

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