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Projected Depth Chart for 2013 Texas A&M Football

My take on the Fightin' Texas Aggie depth chart heading into Fall Camp. Who is there, who is missing, and other subtle changes.

Scott Halleran

Before clicking the pictures and links below for more detailed information, read this disclaimer: These are my best guesses after reviewing the official roster from the end of spring, the official roster currently on, talking to my fellow GBH writers, reviewing the numerous Aggie-affiliated football websites, and scanning twitter.


Also, you will notice that all of the incoming freshman, regardless of whether they were here in the spring are color-coded as "contributors" (light gray) and are all at the back of the Depth Chart. This is my modus operandi for new freshman players. As we get practice reports back from Fall Camp, I will move these guys up into the depth chart. Pay particular attention to the "battle" tags as they are aligned as best as I could get them with where the battle is taking place (starting position, backup position, contributor, etc.)

*Toney Hurd has been listed in the past as CB, Nickel, Boundary Safety, and Sam LB... so he gets his own slot. Congratulations Toney, you broke the mold.


FOR A MUCH LARGER VIEW: PDF Version || IMG Version of the above depth chart.

Some notable absences (a recap of attrition, if you will):

  • S Johntel Franklin (Left Team)
  • DL Shayvion Hatten (Left Team)
  • WR Thomas Johnson (Left Team)
  • LB Dominique Patterson (Left Team)
  • LB Jordan Richmond (Left Team)
  • OL Rhontae Scales (Left Team)
  • LB Michael Richardson (Injuries)
  • Kohl Stewart (MLB)
Surprised they are on the roster (off-field issues)
  • Johnny Manziel - you mean he didn't break any laws and he's not in jail? Tell me again how bad this anti-Tebow is! (sarcasm)
  • Floyd Raven - allegedly got into an altercation and landed in jail - misdemeanor charges. He was apparently not allowed to participate in summer workout and is expected to miss one game early in the season
  • Deshazor Everett - same as above
  • Kirby Ennis - alleged gun charge - not sure on the seriousness of the offense.

Peculiar Position changes that you may or may not know about:
  • Nate Askew from WR to SLB
  • Kimo Tipoti from OG to NG back to OG
  • Brandon Alexander from Rush End to SDE
  • Jordan Points from SDE to DT
  • Julien Obioha from SDE to Rush End
  • Floyd Raven from CB to FS
  • Jake Matthew from RT to LT
  • Germain Ifedi from Redshirt OT to Starting OG
Weight Gains and Losses (deltas from 2012 Roster):
  • SDE Brandon Alexander +10 lbs to 255
  • LB Nate Askew +15 lbs to 235
  • OG Ben Compton -12 lbs to 295
  • NG Kirby Ennis +10 lbs to 310 (he came to A&M as a DE/LB at 233 lbs)
  • WR Mike Evans +7 lbs to 225
  • TE Nehemiah Hicks +12 lbs to 255
  • OG Germain Ifedi -27 lbs to 311 (sveldt!)
  • P Drew Kaser -15 lbs to 205 (trick plays, here we come!)
  • SDE Polo Manukainu +20 lbs to 275
  • QB Johnny Manziel +10 lbs to 210
  • S Howard Matthews -6 lbs to 200
  • C Mike Matthews +25 lbs to 285
  • WR Eddie Pope +10 lbs to 180
  • FS Floyd Raven +10 lbs to 200
  • DT Ivan Robinson +20 lbs to 290
  • SDE Gavin Stansbury -15 lbs to 255
  • DE Tyrell Taylor +18 lbs to 230
  • DE Tyrone Taylor +30 lbs to 240
  • LB Shaun Ward -6 lbs to 238
  • DT Alonzo Williams +32 lbs to 280
  • RB Brandon Williams +8 lbs to 200
  • RB Trey Williams +10 lbs to 195
Notable fish weights:
  • DL Jay Arnold @ 275 lbs
  • MLB Reggie Chevis @ 250 lbs
  • LB Darian Claiborne @ 225 lbs
  • TE Cameron Clear @ 270 lbs
  • DT Isaiah Golden @ 310 lbs
  • DE Daeshon Hall @ 245 lbs
  • DT Justin Manning @ 290 lbs
  • LB Jordan Mastrogiovanni @ 235 lbs
  • S Kameron Miles @ 215 lbs
  • LB Brett Wade @ 230 lbs
  • S/LB Shaan Washington @ 220 lbs
  • RB James White @ 218 lbs
  • S Jonathan Wiggins @ 210 lbs
  • WR Ja"Quay Williams @ 210 lbs
  • OT Ishmael Wilson @ 300 lbs
  • (Transfer) LB Tommy Sanders @ 220 lbs
  • (Transfer) OT Jeremiah Stuckey @ 300 lbs
As always, if you know something I don't or if you have a quibble with what I presented above, please post constructive criticism in the comments section and I will amend the depth chart if there is solid evidence.