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Daily Bull 7.23.13

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On Von. Still no update on the reason for his suspension, although there are plenty of rumors going around. Not sure why he would be suspended now for an undisclosed violation if he wasn't suspended then, but I suppose the NFL is gonna NFL as they like to do. The appeal is still in process, and Von insists he's in the clear.

Check it out. You know it's gonna be good when the advertisement is so so simply spellbinding.

ORLY? Our friends at the Mississippi State blog have ranked the best offensive backfields in the SEC, and...well. I personally think we were sold a bit short. I can see giving the nod to Georgia, but after that I'm not sure about those. Forget the transfers for now; Malena and Trey alone are worthy of a higher ranking.

ICYMI. cuppy added a late supplement to the John Heisman Football off-season antics story. A very special newsreel presentation:

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