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Daily Bull 7.22.13

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports
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Howdy, all. Here are some quick Monday lunch links:

Uh-oh. Von Miller has been suspended for the first four games of the 2013 season for "violating NFL policy." He's currently appealing the suspension, and no details about the violation have been reported. It's possible that he was just hanging out with Manziel to celebrate GBH Von Miller Week. (This is probably "100% BS", but it sounds good.)

Speaking of John Heisman Football... Media hand-wringing over hard-living Aggie Heisman winners is not a modern phenomenon, as we see in this look back to the 1950s. [Imagine teletype noise in background, shrill newsreel music, and an excitable reporter in a fedora and smoking a non-filtered Camel reading off the script]

The off-season breeds reflection...If you're interested in self-inflicted pain (BAS, to be exact), the Utah Daily Herald reviews the 1996 A&M-BYU game in their countdown of greatest BYU home games. What a forgettable season. Not even Peyton Manning could've saved us.

Well, that's...something. Big 12 Media Days kicked off today and the biggest news was the new logo reveal. What do we think of this one?



Hmm...maybe an effort to toughen their image?



Any thoughts on ways to improve the new Big 12 logo? Leave them in the comments.