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Aggie Mount Rushmore: Southgate Region Round 2

It's the final region of the second round, and the Mt Rushmore version of the Final Four is coming up next.

E. King Gill, Gene Stallings, Robert Gates, and Acie Law IV moved on in the Westgate region. That brings us to the Southgate region. This is an interesting region, and I'll be keeping a close eye on the vote share for President Bowtie after he recent announcement to step down. Von Miller leads this region as the 1-seed, but will the recent news of his possible suspension scare away the voters? It's time to decide and vote.

You can check out the latest bracket here.

1. Von Miller vs. 9. Pat Henry

5.Gary Blair vs. 4. Robert Earl Keen

11. Jack Pardee vs. 3. Dana X Bible

7. Emory Bellard vs. 2. R. Bowen Loftin

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