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Weekend Bull 7.20.13

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Von Miller's Top 10. Our friends over at Grantland are fawning over Von, and shouldn't everyone? There are links to several great highlights like this and this.

#wafflesforAgs. Congratulations to Justin O., the winner of our first-ever Facebook giveaway. To celebrate 1000 Likes, we held a contest for a Waffles for Ags t-shirt courtesy of Aggieland Outfitters. Like us on Facebook so you can get involved in future contests. We share some pretty good stuff on there too. Next week, we're giving away 2 waffle tees on Twitter so follow us there.

Week in Review

It was a wild ride this week on GBH, and the Mark May exposé was our most circulated story of all-time. Texas A&M participated in SEC Media Days so be sure to check out our full coverage. We imagined what it would be like if Peyton Manning was an Aggie and if Johnny Manziel opened a brewery. Keep coming back every day because we're going to have some very cool interviews in the near future along with the usual (and unusual). If you're going on a roadtrip this weekend, put on the Around Aggieland podcast where we preview Auburn and discuss RGIII's sexting controversy.