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Daily Bull 7.2.13

On Everett and Raven: They've been charged with assault and suspended from team activities as part of the University's AD policy. There have not been any statements from Coach Sumlin or the University as they await further investigation.

One quick note on Manziel. If you haven't seen this yet, here's a Facebook post by his great-uncle with some background on the infamous Tweet. Worth reading.

REAL FOOTBALL TALK is what we need. Luckily, Ranger222 is on the case. Check back this afternoon for an extensive look at the running back position. Extensive in the best way possible.

Other football talk. About a football video game, but still. Join the discussion about NCAA 14, talk about what you like and don't like, etc.

THAT'S A BIG SNAKE ROLL TIDE. Alabama offensive coordinator Kirby Smart took care of some reptile removal business over the weekend. The erstwhile Ragebot was on the case yesterday on Twitter:

The Opening. SB Nation is on the scene at the nation's gathering of top recruits in Oregon. There are three Aggie commits represented: QB Kyle Allen and DBs Dylan Sumner-Gardner and Armani Watts. You can follow their progress on the A&M page here.