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Your FREE Johnny Manziel Question Kit for SEC Media Days

Hi, guys. Good Bull Hunting here. You didn't let us into your party, but at least let us help you with some questions for your favorite target.

Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE
  • Johnny, what is your Blood Alcohol Content RIGHT NOW?
  • Hi, Johnny. On Monday you pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges surrounding your drunken brawl last summer. Will you spend the entire season in jail, or do you expect to be paroled in time for the LSU game?
  • Johnny, reports have been coming in that you singlehandedly put a Bourbon Street establishment out of business on Friday night. Where did this animosity towards a post-Katrina economy come from, if you don't mind my asking?
  • Johnny, is it also true that you tied Cooper Manning's shoelaces together during a QB film session, causing him to trip and fall when he stood up and attempted to walk afterward?
  • Did you pay your own travel expenses for the trip to Hoover, Johnny?
  • Johnny, is it true that you're responsible for the Barking Carnival favicon showing up on Good Bull Hunting browser tabs in Google Chrome for a full three and a half months now since April Fool's Day?
  • Johnny, talk a little more about your secret mountain lair in The Andes and what kinds of illicit research occurs there.
  • Hi, Johnny. We're all familiar with your propensity for illegal activities. Can you talk a little about how your relationship with the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel got started?
  • Johnny, talk to us more about how Aaron Hernandez has influenced your life.
  • Hey, Johnny. Is it true that each time you throw an interception, the Waffle House Corporation excludes one additional potential franchisee in Bryan/College Station?
  • Johnny, is it true that you hate the movie "WALL-E" and only give people McDonald's coupons for Christmas?
  • Johnny, we've heard that you transferred to Oxford University in England and back to A&M without anyone knowing because you didn't like the policemen's hats. Is this true?
  • Talk about your affinity for collecting 16th century Slavic torture devices, Johnny.
  • Johnny, is it true that you don't even have a favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle because your heart is three sizes too small?
  • Hi, Johnny. It's clear that you value your own popularity over the success of your team. How much of this would you attribute to your love for violent video games?
  • Johnny, is it true that you once played the position of quarterback in the game of football?
  • Hi, Johnny, Clay Travis here. You want gummi bear vodka or Smirnoff Ice when we hang out later this week?
  • Johnny, do you think you'll have any success running the ball against the high-octane defenses you'll face in the SEC?

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