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The Daily Bull 7.15.13 proudly kicks off VON WEEK

That's right: all Von Miller all week long.


VON VON VON VON. This week we honor the finest Aggie defensive player in (?) number of years - one Von Miller. The man started the glasses trend that the NBA stars copied with haste. He still gives "gig 'em" in many NFL interviews - both verbally and thumb. He's wildly hilarious, an absolute joy to watch, and a god at Good Bull Hunting. I think I cried when my hometown team drafted him at No. 2. Or I was just cranked out on Jamo and letting the suppressed Irish emotions flow. Probably both. Oh, and Vonny Football gives us this type of work on the regular. Shame on college ball for being such uptight dandies.


A bunch of frumpy, smarmy journos getting drunk on Michelob Ultra in a hotel ballroom in Birmingham? BEST SUMMER VACATION EVER. These lackeys are going to humblebrag all week about their access all the meanwhile asking tired, lazy questions to coaches and players. That's right, gang. It's SEC Media Days week Tuesday-Thursday of this week (Ags are on Wednesday). Expect a lot of questions to start with "Talk about" which is not a way to commence a question. We'll have you covered here at GBH with all the happenings. We were denied credentials (still steamed, not surprised), but we've fashioned a pulley system outside the hotel to relay to you the hot sports takes. Coach cometh.



MODELS NEEDED TO BECOME STATUES AT THE NEW HATE BARN. Current students can apply to be one of the chosen to be commemorated forever in the 12th Man statue that will be just outside the new Kyle Field. We pitched just having GBH writers be the 12 models and once the laughter stopped, I think the words "grotesque", "homely", and "no way in hell" were uttered.

JOHNNY. Celebrity and stuff. We love him. Let's just play some damn football. [no links found]

Finally, a nice piece on R. Bowen Loftin. Probably the key cog why we now stand in the Southeastern Conference. Gig 'em, Bowtie.

Gig 'em, y'all. Do as Von would do and chop the D off this Monday.