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Weekend Bull 7.13.13

Sharknado overload. We may be beating a dead shark at this point, but we are the most sharknado-centric blog on SBNation. If you missed the comprehensive review from the doctor and thacktor, check it out.

Baylor being Baylor. Do you remember that time we were all set to go to the SEC and Baylor threatened us with litigation? Yeah, well now Ken Starr is all pissy because some Baylor alum is suing and holding up some development around the new stadium. It's crazy how karma works, eh? Read the letter from Ken.

Von. We love Von and you love Von. The only thing more fearsome than Shark Week is Von Miller week which we'll be celebrating all next week on GBH. We are trying to chase down an interview with the Aggie legend so cross your fingers.



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