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Daily Bull 7.11.13

Well, yesterday was busy. If you missed it, we had a slew of content on the site, from Photoshops of Sumlin riding an elephant to hypothetical scenarios where Bob Stoops was hired as the A&M coach in 1997, to SEC Media Daze predictions. There are too many to link to, so just click back to main page /SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION OVER.

The best Ole Miss-A&M preview you'll hear this week. Our very own thacktor went on the Friends With Muscles Podcast yesterday with notorious fellow chuckleheads Bunkie Perkins and Rick Muscles of EDSBS fame. Tune in if you like things irreverent and funny, and for some BOLD, ALL-CAPS SEC West predictions. You'll like it.

"No, Mr. Emmert Bond, I expect you to cry." Saturday Down South examines the perennial off-season question: is the SEC the villain of college football? No, the villain is the one who elaborately traps a guy and gives him details on how he's going to kill him. The SEC is the one who escapes and wins for like the 8th movie in a row.

WATCH THIS. Brent Zwerneman sat down with Coach Sumlin earlier this summer for an extensive interview. Here's the link to part 1 of 4. Here's part 2. Love the head coach.

The off-season. It's pretty much exactly like this video game that never got made.

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