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GBH Priority Point Promotional Pitch

With the latest news on Kyle Field seating, we're all talking Priority Points. How do we get more?

So by now we've all heard. With massive upgrading comes massive upheaval, and Kyle Field seating availability is no exception. For more background on what this means for various types of ticket holders, check out oscarwildecat's excellent Q&A session here.

The various businesses and organizations of Bryan/College Station stand to gain quite a bit when the renovated Kyle Field starts bringing in an extra hundred thousand visitors or so per year. How can they give back? By somehow figuring out how to give away Priority Points, of course! [DISCLAIMER WE MADE ALL THIS UP DON'T SUE US.] Special thanks to thacktor and cuppycup for the collaboration.

Hard Knox Challenge:

Correctly identify all football players in a Benjamin Knox painting, win 2000 Priority Points.

Burrito Seat-o Challenge, by Freebird's:

Finish five Monsters in one sitting, win 15 Priority Points.

Finger Pickin' Good Challenge:

Correctly differentiate Layne's and Cane's in a blindfolded taste test, win 1 Priority Point.

Cursed Location Challenge:

Eat at [that one restaurant on Texas Avenue that used to be that other restaurant] before it goes out of business, win 10 Priority Points.

Uncover Challenge:

Successfully hog-tie an uncover Nazi during "Sit Down Bus Driver," win 100 Priority Points.

Random Sip Challenge:

There's always someone at Post Oak Mall in horn apparel. Horse Laugh him out of town, win 50 priority points.

Bottle Cap Challenge:

Retrieve 30 different beer caps from Bottle Cap Alley while getting in and out of the Northgate Surface Lot parking in an hour or less on a gameday, win 10 priority points.

CARPOOL Challenge:

Get through an entire evening taking nothing but CARPOOL to different destinations (Minimum 4 Places, including home and either Taco Cabana or Whataburger) without getting caught, win 300 priority points.

Dairy Challenge:

"Dunk" your ring at Swensen's and chase it with a gallon of whole milk. If you keep it down, 1,000 Priority Points. If you retch (you're gonna retch) 200 Priority Points.

Best Around Challenge:

Win a Best of the Brazos category without operating a business in Bryan/College Station, win 500 Priority Points.

Lauren Likes Me Challenge:

Appear in one of TexAgs staffer Lauren Santacroce's Vine videos, win 10 Priority Points.

Renter's Challenge:

Move out of your College Station apartment and recover any part of your security deposit, win 100 Priority Points.

Word of Mouse Challenge:

Post about a negative dining experience on MyBCS with fewer than 5 rookie posters telling you how wrong you are about the business, win 50 Priority Points.

Cheerleader Challenge:

If you are responsible for getting cheerleaders on the sidelines for football games, you win all of the Priority Points.


Open a Waffle House franchise in College Station and be named mayor for life, have statue of yourself raised at Kyle Field, and receive the finest suite of your choice, bumping everyone else down a notch. Sorry, "Lowry from San Antonio."

What other Priority Point promotions would you like to see? Leave them in the comments.