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A Pinteresting Week: How to Delve into Social Media Frontiers.

Over the past week, we have been building our presence in a new social media arena. This is how it happened.

We have mentioned this before in an off-hand manner, but Good Bull Hunting has a Pinterest page.

I don't even remember how it started. It was somewhere around the time there was a Twitter callout for fanposts from female perspectives that inspired this excellent attire guideline piece last weekend, but somewhere along the line we* decided to do a Pinterest. To make a Pinterest. To get on Pinterest. I don't even know the lingo.

*by "we" I mean cuppycup. He's either a visionary if this experiment works, or a scapegoat if it doesn't. Just kidding; it's going to. For real.

But on to the beginning. I felt I should jump right in and help, but it took me over a day last weekend coming and going to figure out which five things to "like" before my account could be created. There was no discernible search function in the Sports category, so I ended up picking historical London photographs and four random social networking boards. It turns out that you can just pick anything because it doesn't link you to them.

By Tuesday, thacktor was up and pinning also. I had finally cross-pinned and posted enough stuff to fill up my profile image with various stuff. I tried to touch every board and "like" as many of whatever the other guys pinned. I got my first follower I didn't know. [THANK YOU, MIKE!]

By Thursday, I had my first female follower. I felt this really put the pressure on me to become a better Pinterester. cuppy had been adding things at a frantic pace and thacktor was creating some great content description. The next day, I dug deep and tried to track down the best of my work from the past year that I deemed Pint-worthy and made some more additions. In doing so, I regretted not making some kind of Faulkner Photoshop during Ole Miss week. Never again.

Meanwhile, cuppycup hit full stride. He went crazy and uploaded everything.

Meanwhile, cuppycup hit full stride. He went crazy, uploaded everything, and reorganized the pinboard or whatever one calls it. It's organized, sharp, clean, and intuitive. Everything that Pinterest wasn't when we started trying to figure the website out a week ago with no help. Hats off to all you folks who've mastered Pinterest, because it confused the hell out of me at first. But I think I've got it now: it's like just tagging a photo in Facebook and adding a customized Tweet message that makes it show up on your own album. Or something.

So, without further adieu, here are our albums as they stand today (for all you Pinterest rooks, you have the option to follow all of a user's albums, or pick which ones you follow individually...pretty cool):

Texas Aggie Bloggin'. Some great pieces from GBH and their associated pics.

THE TAILGATE (2012). Some of your favorite graphics from our coolest feature. Don't worry, there will definitely be a TAILGATE (2013) coming up in a few months.

Texas Aggie Tailgating. Recipes!

Texas Beers. Self-explanatory. Pending jzimmerman11's approval.

Bad Texas Aggie Products. Think this, but without being restricted to Rev.

AO Faves. Some great t-shirts and other products.

Aggie Photoshops. Pretty self-explanatory.

Aggie YouTube Videos. Includes parodies, GBH originals, and author guest spots on ESPN Unite.

BONUS SECTION: From what I can tell, GBH is the only dedicated SB Nation site with a serious Pinterest page. If I could offer any first impression-fueled words of advice to other SB Nation folks interested in making a page, they would be as follows:

  • just click through the intro questions...they don't hold you to them
  • get the Chrome app; it's very helpful
  • don't try to link every single pin to your site; try to build some goodwill
  • if you pin a gif, make sure to notate it so that folks know to click the image
  • have whatever you want because you can always edit at any time

So there it is. A college football blog with a Pinterest. What does everyone think? Is it good? Mediocre? Is it just OK? Is there anything lacking that would make us much cooler on Pinterest that we really don't know about? Please give us any feedback at all in the comments section. In the meantime, there are four of your faithful GBHers on Pinterest at this point. Please check us out if you care to:


Dr. Norris