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Into the college sports abyss we go

It's rough, but Good Bull Hunting is here to guide you through the darkness. We'll see you on the other side.

With a questionable slow play penalty on Thursday and a bullpen meltdown Sunday, this week's NCAA track and field championships are the only thing standing between us and the end of the 2012-13 Aggie sports season. And with that, our descent into the deep, dark college sports abyss begins. The summer has arrived.

There’s no Texas A&M soccer, or volleyball, or basketball, or equestrian, or swimming and diving, or cross country, or quidditch, or tennis, or golf, or softball or baseball. There’s nothing; nothing to do but wait. Some might say this is the worst part of the sports year, and they’re probably right. But the lone upside is that the only thing left standing between us and Aggie Football, is time (89 days as of June 3).

Sure, there are moments to look forward to. Freshmen will report soon, we'll get teasers from summer workouts, and there will be all kinds of pre-season polls and rampant speculation once fall practice starts. But in reality, we have a long way to go until we get real college football.

So do whatever you need to do: spend time with your family, go to work, play golf, watch baseball, drink beer, do fantasy football mock drafts, read, follow me and my hilariousness on Twitter, whatever. Just know that come Saturday, Aug. 31: