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Daily Bull 6.28.13

We know who's good on offense...what about on defense? SPECULATE!



Johnny Manziel has not done, Tweeted, Instagrammed, or otherwise said anything of note. A Google News search reveals a series of BR hit-magnets, regurgitated suspension stories, and frantic implores for him to quit Twitter. Yawn. All this after no "official" statement by...

Kevin Sumlin, who has also been quiet, apart from a brief chat with NewsOK on Monday, in which he revealed that he disciplined Johnny in his own way, with the full knowledge of his parents, that seemed to have worked. Yahoo! and ESPN also reran this story the following day. That's it. The end.

Athlon has released its latest preseason All-American teams and we have two first-team offensive players in Manziel and Matthews. Mike Evans made the third team.

Our new RT Cedric Ogbuehi has also been a stalwart on the line now for two seasons and is getting plenty of mentions on various all-conference teams. He's even a third-teamer Preseason All-American on the SB Nation Poll (thanks to cuppycup and ColoradoAg, no doubt...way to go, guys).

That's four players getting some great pre-season attention...but they're all on offense. So who's best on defense? Which player has a chance to make All-SEC by the end of the season? Nate Askew will certainly be fun to watch, along with Julien Obioha if he can return to full strength. Steven Jenkins will be an anchor at LB if he's healthy. But my BOLD TAKE INSTICT says it will be one of our two corners: DeVante Harris or Deshazor Everett. They're both incredible talents who served as regular starters as underclassmen in a brutal SEC schedule last year and performed admirably. With another influx of great leaders and role players at the safety positions, I think Snyder gives them a little more free reign out on the edges. What do you think?

WE'RE IN THE GAME. STILL. Check back later this morning as our very own DerekAggie06 from the Podcast talks to EA Sports about A&M's high profile in this year's release of the popular video game. And speaking of Podcast {awkward segue} if you haven't heard the guys interview OL coach BJ Anderson, it's a must-listen. Great guy; the perfect mix of intensity and down-to-earth you'd expect from an OL guy who is not quite up-to-par on the social media thing.

Happy Friday here's your .gif. ETSU, dormant since 2003, has chosen their man to revamp the new program by 2015. You never know. He might do fine. You never know.