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Our Conversation with a Designer for EA's NCAA '14

We had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Christian about what goes in to making NCAA Football the awesomeness that it is year in and year out.

NCAA Football by EA Sports releases on July 9th, and in case you haven't heard, there's a team from College Station that is pretty dang good in the game. The demo is actually available now, so download it and get a head start on making your friends cry until they take their controller and go home.

We had an awesome opportunity to sit down and talk with Christian from EA Sports. Christian is a Designer and Product Owner for NCAA Football. It didn't take long to figure out that Christian is a die hard college football fan that is incredibly passionate about the product he puts out there for other college football fans. Find out what's new in this year's game, what he thinks of the visit from Kevin Sumlin, his thoughts on the bevel, and if #WafflesForAgs will change the way you recruit in future NCAA games. You can hear the entire interview by clicking play below, and you can pre-order your copy of NCAA '14 now BY CLICKING HERE FOR XBOX or HERE FOR PLAYSTATION.

Don't forget to download the demo for XBox and PS3 to go ahead and get a head start on all of your friends.