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Daily Bull 6.27.13


You know you want to see Instagrams of Johnny hanging out with Don Draper. Don't forget that voting for the ESPYs, hosted by Jon Hamm, starts today. cuppycup has your ballots linked right here.

BOLD TAKES! There really is not much going on, so here's another DMN slideshow about how a reporter thinks Kevin Sumlin should forbid Manziel from speaking to the media again. It's refreshing to read a news outlet that prides itself on objective impartiality.

How long before aTm claims the 2012 national championship on their bogus Kyle field wall of fame?

Kevin Sherrington: Kevin, be nice. Lots of schools are now claiming national championships that they once didn't. In the media, there are only certain titles we recognize. But it looks good for recruits to have something on a wall.


That other big game. All eyes are focused on September 14, but Saturday Down South reminds us that there are some fine matchups in October. Ole Miss is going to be a difficult test, playing them on the road for the second year in a row with another year of the Freeze system in place. And there may be some touchdowns scored.

COMING SOON: EXCLUSIVE. The guys on the Podcast got to interview OL coach BJ Anderson. Check back soon, or just stay right on the site and frantically click "refresh."