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The Daily Bull 6.26.13

There is too much drama today. Let's try to ignore it by talking sports!

Hey Luke, how do you feel about Robert's Rules of Order?
Hey Luke, how do you feel about Robert's Rules of Order?
Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

Here at the Daily Bull we think its good policy to keep our political and religious beliefs close to the vest. And no, we don't care about yours either. But given all the recent drama with SB5, Supreme Court decisions, and with NFL players deciding to kill everyone, we know its going to be a dicey day at the office water cooler. So here are some strategies for avoiding being trapped in some awkward conversations.

BLOCK IT OUT. Jon Cooper with Saturday Down South really is an SEC offseason lifesaver. Today he breaks down a list of the SEC's best offensive tackle duos. I bet you didn't know that Tennessee gave up the fewest sacks in the SEC last year, did you?

TELL OLD JOKES. Here's a great one about the new A&M cologne line from the Houston Chronicle. Hey man, we heard that one last week.

TALK ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE. People are always doing inspirational and crazy things. This guy attempted to climb fifty five 14,000 foot peaks in ten days! Man, I got tired just reading it. I wish I had that kind of spare time though. If that fails, you can certainly discuss what to expect from Mike Leach in his second year at WSU. The Dread Pirate is nothing if not unpredictable and entertaining, let the rampant speculation and predictions of his demise begin!

Have a good Wednesday Ags. Today seems like a good day to keep your head down and try to get a little work done. Try and remember two things, 1) always be careful of what you discuss in mixed company and 2) everyday brings us one step closer to college football.