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Daily Bull 6.24.13

no recipes available at this time
no recipes available at this time


VERY PINTERESTING. That's right, folks...we have a page and are pinning stuff like our hair's on fire. Speaking of social media <awkward segue> we got us a Facebook too, so go ahead and like or whatever us. With your help we should be able to dominate the internet come football season.

Oh, the humor. Bleacher Report actually posted something funny. A self-acknowledged Texas Tech fan pretending to be an Aggie fan writing an open letter to Coach Sumlin over a week after "the Tweet" asking him to ban Twitter. Grape job good effort, guys.

A word on Twitter: Twitter is not going away, nor is the internet, and I daresay there might be even MORE social media outlets in the coming years. The immediate negative impact such a ban would have on recruiting is far from negligible. If you really are bothered by errant remarks by college students, I think Coach Sumlin's response would be to encourage you to find a new canine friend.

2014 SEC QB class. Eight teams in the conference have now lined up top QB prospects for next year (including Kyle Allen). Saturday Down South breaks them down, complete with highlight videos.

Happy Monday. Check back around lunchtime for the latest creation from rcb05. You will want to have plenty of paper and time on hand.