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QB #2 is very mature.

Meet the older, wiser QB of the Aggies as portrayed in a video game.

(H/T to Lucas Jackson for captioning help)


DISCLAIMER: this is not supposed to be Johhny Manziel, just a made-up college player who is the best QB in the game and wears #2 for Texas A&M because likenesses, college student-athletes, etc. would we view Johnny if he actually looked like this digital entity who happens to share a few similar characteristics? Something tells me the media would take him a bit more seriously with the added gravitas envisioned by EA programmers.



Oh, look. I have some currency. Quite a bit, actually. It may seem controversial, but is it even real? If so, can you even prove it was obtained through shady channels? No you can't; and that's why this picture will drive you crazy.



I think people place too much emphasis on their careers. I wish we could all live in the mountains at high altitude. That's where I see myself in five years. How about you?



Ahh, All Hallows Eve. Sometimes I yearn for simpler times when it was all about pranks and candy. Now it seems to revolve around ladies in revealing clothing. But here I am, and here are people with cameras, so I have little choice but to play my part. This poly/cotton blend costume is getting rather stuffy, however. Looking forward to getting home.



Here we are at the beach. I made sure to use my 75 SPF earlier because the last thing I need is to worry about sunburn. I didn't really want to do it, but the fellas made me get this henna Longhorn tattoo because they knew it would get a rise out of folks. I just hope it comes off easily with soap and warm water like the package indicated.



You know, this seems kind of dangerous. I don't want to singe any hair or clothing. This might just be a bit too much: I really don't want to upset Andre Ware.