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Daily Bull 6.18.13



We're in the game. You know that series with Oregon that may or may not happen? Well, you can pretend to make it happen in this year's EA Sports NCAA 14 Demo, available today. A&M-Oregon is one of three matchups available on the demo, along with Michigan-Ohio State and Alabama-Virginia Tech. If you're wondering why there's no Big XII representation, don't fret. When you win all three games by a certain number of points, you unlock the Bob Stoops-Mack Brown Mario Kart duel feature.

The most interesting team in the conference. Saturday Down South tells us why 2013 is such an important season and why the Ags are the team to watch in the SEC.

THEY GETTIN' A WATERFAWWWLLL! Yes, the rumors are true. Alabama is going to build a waterfall in their locker room. Jason Kirk and compadres went ahead and compiled a list of the worst possible jokes about the waterfall to get them out of the way.

Just a little more BS. Spencer Hall reminds us that Johnny's feelings are by no means unique. Or new. Much less worthy of a centerpiece on SportsCenter.