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Daily Bull 6.17.13

You know what else is BS? Mondays. That's why there are two gifs today.

Mike Stobe


Well, that's the end of the world. Johnny Manziel is a 20 year-old celebrity frustrated with living in College Station. Let's burn him in effigy and use the flames to melt down the Heisman to make Aggieopoly pieces. You know what BS I'm sick of? The new pre-calibrated coffee machines that make you get a full cup of hot water and then pour 2/3 of it out just to make some oatmeal at work. But no one pays attention to me when I mention it.


Director's Cup. The Ags are currently #6 in the Learfield Sports standings and on track to have their best finish ever. Only Florida is ranked higher in the conference.

Origins of a guru. Brent Z takes a look at how a former linebacker became one of the most respected offensive strategists in college football. Fortunately for us, there are certain aspects of Mike Price's philosophy that KDS doesn't adhere to.

Third rule? Be nice. Florida linebacker Antonio Morrison was booked yesterday after he punched a bouncer in the head when the bouncer refused to let him in a club for free. This is just further proof that fewer and fewer kids nowadays have been exposed to the proper '80s movies. Maybe he thought the bouncer would be bigger.



Have a great Monday, folks!