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Daily Bull 6.14.13


No pressure. AD Eric Hyman busted out his comedian chops to take a dig at Alabama last night, and the Internet took off with it like Internet is wont to do. WARNING: link contains comments, PAAAWWWWLLLL.

Podcast Friday! Tune in later this morning for your weekly fix. The guys will be talking about the Texas rivalry game and also previewing the Florida Gators. Also later this morning, we'll have your recruiting fix to wrap up a huge week from Coach YESSIR.

Speaking of rivalries...if you think feelings have cooled between Tennessee and Alabama recently due to the discrepancy between the programs, Steven Godfrey's latest proves otherwise. Welcome to the SEC, us.

Hell Freezes Over. We touched on this yesterday, but the latest craze in the news is that Kevin Sumlin turned down The Eagles. Sorry NFL bros, but KDS is in it for The Long Run. There was definitely a Peaceful Easy Feeling when he said he'd be staying. He's no Desperado, and is definitely not Already Gone. Get Over It. SONG PUN HERE.

BETTER THAN VEGAS. This will get you through your Friday (for a while). Doc Harper from Arkansas Expats gives us an extremely thorough critique of a plethora of Downstream Casino commercials featuring a slew of Arklahoma celebs. It's worth it for the multiple Billy Sims hairstyles alone.

Happy end of week, y'all. Your Friday gif is inspired by Bob Stoops' whining: