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Podcast #69 – Gator Preview and Ags v. Horns

We're back with Week 5 of our 2013 SEC Preview and also talking a little in-state rivalry.

Dr. Muschamp?
Dr. Muschamp?
Sam Greenwood

We're back with Week 5 of our 2013 SEC Preview and talking a little Florida Gator Football. We were joined by Andy from Alligator Army to preview the 2013 Gators. Andy continued the streak of badass SEC fans to talk to and interview, so big thanks to him for joining us on the show. The Florida Gators are poised to make a run at the SEC East title next year, and Andy shared his thoughts on the roster, expectations, and his concerns about the SEC Network. We also got Andy to talk about the 2013 Aggies and where they might end up at the end of the season.

We wrapped up the show by giving our thoughts on the idea of ever playing Texas again since it seemed to be a hot topic nationally this week. Our Good Bull Voicemail was perfectly summed up by one caller who really touched on all the bases, bravo to you sir. Our talk about new commit Jordan Davis led to a little conversation about TE's in this system and what it can mean for the other positions. Hunter also asked the question, "If you were the commissioner and had to get the SEC down to 10 teams, who would you kick out?" Let us hear your thoughts below, and just ignore the fact that I made up a game and then decided the game was dumb.

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