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Top 10 Aggies in EA Sports NCAA Football 2014

Operation Sports made a video showing the top 10 players on each team in EA Sports' NCAA Football 2014. Here is a screen cap we took of Texas A&M's top 10.


You can see the whole video for all team rankings here.

Texas A&M's top 10 players in the game and overall ratings are:

QB #2 Johnny Manziel 97

LT #75 Jake Matthews 96

HB #1 Ben Malena 91

HB #28 Brandon Williams 90

WR #13 Mike Evans 90

DT #42 Kirby Ennis 89

CB #29 Deshazor Everett 87

LOLB #45 Steven Jenkins 87

HB #20 Trey Williams 86

QB #6 Matt Davis 86

Do you have issues with any of these player rankings?