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Good Bull Voicemail - Rivalry Talk

It's topic of the week time and let's face it, sports talk folks can't stop talking Texas A&M vs. Texas.

That's how they always react.
That's how they always react.

It must be the offseason. Sports talk show hosts on the national and local levels can't seem to stop talking about A&M and Texas and who's to blame for the rivalry being on a hiatus. Hit the call feature below or dial the Good Bull Hotline at 979-217-1364 and leave your response to this week's question. Make sure you get your calls in before 7PM Central Time. The best/funniest/strangest will make it on to the weekly podcast that publishes Friday mornings.

Who holds the blame for the A&M/Texas rivalry ending, and when (if ever) do you think the two teams should play again?