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Daily Bull 6.13.13


Step away from the ledge, folks. And read this if you want to like Kevin Sumlin even more than you already do. Brent Z chatted with KDS recently, and of course the inevitable NFL questions came up.

On Wednesday, Sumlin said he'd already been given the chance to be a head coach in the NFL.

"I don't have to say anything," Sumlin said in response to his name being associated with future pro jobs. "Everybody knows what I do (now). I've never coached in the NFL. I've had plenty of opportunities to do that, both as an assistant coach and even as a head coach. But there's a reason I coach college football, and we've got a lot of work to do here. We're still playing catch-up, and we finished third in the SEC West last year (behind Alabama and LSU).

"By no means have we arrived."

Eleven weeks and two days until kickoff.

Speaking of arriving...Sumlin and co. will play host to recent Florida State decommit Jordan Davis today. Keep your eyes peeled for the #YESSIR beacon. Davis is a 7'6" 310-lb WR/TE hybrid who runs a 2.6 100 yard dash and could create some serious mismatches against opposing defenses.*

*this is why OrionHjarvis does the recruiting writing

Back to school. The Green Bay Packers' defensive coaches recently came to town to pick up some pointers on the read-option and pick the brain of Coach Snyder. That's nice of you to visit and all, but you'd better keep your hands off our Mark Snyder, NFL.

Ahh, the days before overtime. Before 1996, it was still possible to have a tie in college football. Coaches would play for the tie. It was a terrifying time, the early '90s. Players all wore neck rolls and tucked their jerseys into their shoulder pads to expose their midriffs, the defense could not advance a fumble, and all coaching staffs wore shirts with crazy geometric designs on them. Run Home Jack from EDSBS takes a look at history's most tie-laden teams and how those awful multiple ties defined their seasons. Fun fact: three of the teams are Georgia.

First OT game at Kyle Field:

The Bob Simmons Show - 1997 Ep 8: at Texas A&M (via Oklahoma State Athletics)