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Daily Bull 6.11.13


Bring on the Roadrunners. In our ongoing quest to bolster our non-conference schedule, we'll be facing C-USA newbies UTSA in 2016 and 2019. The Runners will hope to cash in on a little of that Coker Magic* of old.

*no longer exists this is going to be horrible

#HASH #TAG LOL. Spencer "EDSBS" Hall has created the penultimate glossary of all the crazy acronyms and phrases you see online nowaday from coaches, players, and recruits. These kids nowadays with their twexting and their YOLOLing and so on.

Johnny in the NFL: a real expert's take. Who better to weigh in on NFL quarterback potential than a man who makes his living pounding them into the dirt?

“(Manziel) is about the same height as Drew Brees, probably a little smaller, but him and Russell Wilson are definitely the same height, and you see the type of success Russell Wilson had,” Miller said. “I think he’ll definitely have success.”
SEC OL experience. Saturday Down South takes a look at the conference's most experienced lines as ranked by number of combined career starts. Encouraging to note that we're still #6 after losing Joeckel and Lewis, who combined for 87 career starts themselves. Speaking of the big dudes, here's an early draft preview for Jake Matthews that is quite encouraging.