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Daily Bull 5.9.13


So close. The softball team lost by a single run to Alabama last night in the SEC tourney, despite a late grand slam. They'll await news on their NCAA seeding, which will be announced Sunday night.

No pressure. The baseball team hosts LSU for a three-game series starting today, and all three games will be televised. They also basically need to win all three to keep post-season hopes alive. And also LSU is #3 in the country. Your in-depth preview will be along shortly.

POWER RANKINGS. SDS ranks the top 5 football teams in the SEC based on post-spring analysis. [SPOILER: September 14 is an important day.] Surprisingly, there's one prominent team missing.

Sciencetific research. Don't forget to vote for your favorite '80s TV theme song. So far it's a tight race between "Dukes of Hazzard" and "Cheers" and don't forget: ColoradoAg, Lucas Jackson, and I will be adapting the winning show into an SEC-themed script with photos, but don't let that affect your vote.

Good Bull. The EDSBS Charity Bowl reached its target in only three days. Michigan is in the lead, but in the long run everybody wins.

It's Wildcard Thursday. More life tips and philosophical waxing from thacktor. Check back later this morning.


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