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Daily Bull 5.8.13


Bob Stoops said something. About the SEC not really being as good as everyone says. Plus the Tulsa paper decided to capture a photo of him signing his own bobblehead's visor while sporting a Hannibal Lecter bite scar on his cheek. He can't help any of this; he's used to living in the past.

SEC Network & the rest of the sports. Team Speed Kills takes an interesting look at baseball, basketball, and everything else and how it relates to the new contract.

Spring practice. Saturday Down South recaps the spring game, the latest in their series covering the entire conference. The usual suspects are highlighted, but they're really high on Mike Evans.

Sumlin on SVP. Coach KDS was on ESPN Radio on Monday fielding the usual questions. He of course addressed the inevitable Manziel concerns:

I can tell you guys this, in my travels I’ve run into guys, and I’m not going to say who they are, but they’ve said, ‘Man I’m glad Twitter and Instagram wasn’t around when I was 20 or 21.’

Coach, I'll go ahead and admit that I'm one of these persons.

BEST PREDICTION EVER. Run Home Jack from Every Day Should Be Saturday visits a New Orleans soothsayer, who reveals that an A&M national title is basically in the bag for 2013.